About Immue


How it all started

The headlines about bot attacks and fraud attempts are endless. And the frequency and damages are continually and dramatically increasing all the time.

The need was clear to us, especially coming from an insider’s understanding of threats, how easy it is to bypass existing protections, and how harmful bot and human fraudster attacks can be.
A mission was born to bring a whole new approach to bot and human fraud mitigation.
And the result is that today Immue is helping organizations around the world and across multiple industries, including e-commerce, travel, financial services, cryptocurrency, and more to stop human fraudsters in their tracks, as well as the bots that no one else even knows are there.

Immue is located in the heart of Israel’s Silicon Wadi, with offices in Tel Aviv that have the most spectacular view of the Mediterranean.

Our Team

The Immue team is comprised of cybersecurity domain experts and is led by founders
who bring extensive experience in building teams and a business from the ground up.
Our CEO and co-founder, Shira Itzhaki brings over 15 years of technology and leadership experience, having served in senior positions at global powerhouses including Check Point, Microsoft, and Medallia.
Amit Yossi Siva Levi, our Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, brings a rich background in executive technology leadership, extensive white hacking experience, and well-honed expertise in cyber technologies and solution development.

Want to stop bots &
human fraudsters
before the damage
is done?

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